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It has been just over a week since hurricane Harvey made landfall on our Texas coast line. There are no words to describe the devastation it has left behind. Not just the physical damage but the emotional as well. This has been such a shock for us to absorb. Days and nights have passed since the storm with moments of utter shock and disbelief, followed by periods of tears and thankfulness to all those involved in the relief efforts.

Night before last my 17 year old daughter and I were getting ready to go to bed when all of a sudden, she just broke down crying uncontrollably. As a mother, I was tremendously concerned not being able to comfort her. As I asked over and over again, “What’s wrong?”, she finally replied, “My heart is so broken mommy”. She went on to describe the hurt she was feeling for all those who have been directly and indirectly affected by the storm. There was nothing I could do or say to make her tears vanish from her face. My only resort was to pray with her. We prayed for all those affected; the residents, the distant family members, all first responders, those donating, those helping and ALL THOSE hurting. As we concluded our prayer her tears seemed to stop.

So to “ALL THOSE”, from our families to all of yours; know that you are in our hearts, our thoughts and our daily prayers.

Rebates for Heroes

We appreciate and honor all of our men and women of service for their courage and sacrifice. As a thank you from us, we offer rebates for all military personnel and first responders.

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